Jenna Jameson Isn’t About That Progressive Life

Remember last week when Playboy did a good thing by featuring Ines Rau, a transgender woman, as their monthly Playmate? Well, not so surprisingly, it upset some people. One of the people is Jenna Jameson, famous for getting railed on camera by thousands of men.

Here’s what Jenna tweeted:


Naturally, people were angered by Jenna’s comments. So, what does Jenna do? She, of course, replies to these comments because there’s nothing better than grabbing a shovel and digging a hole. She’s tweeted roughly one hundred times, defending herself and her stance, so excuse me if I miss anything. I can only read so much stupid in a day. Here are some choice replies from Jameson:

Ok, we can just stop right there, right? Jameson’s whole argument is basically, “Playboy is for horny men. They want actual women. Not men who want to be women.”

While that’s probably true, can’t we all admit that Ines Rau is hot? If Playboy never mentioned the word “transgender” then this wouldn’t be a topic. But they brought it up to say, “Hey. This guy identifies as a girl. And that’s cool. Because she’s still smoking hot. Now, look at her pictures.”

Playboy stopped being about horny men the day the Internet was born and we could search “Jenna Jameson screwed” and not have to pay $11.99 or a magazine or $25 for two DVDs for the price one. Playboy is moving forward with interesting stories while still showing women wearing nothing.

Meanwhile, Jameson is stuck in 1998, when porn had bad music and Riley was only 7-years-old.

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