Justin Bieber Reconciling With Selena Gomez, Now Added to The Weeknd’s Hit List

Don’t look now, but while The Weeknd is upset with Drake for sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid, his current girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is having breakfast with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Got all that?

In case you need photographic evidence that the two are hanging out, here you go:

According to TMZ, this is the third time the two have hung out in recent weeks. They also claim that The Weeknd is totally cool with it. He’s either very secure in his relationship or he’s too busy trying to win back Bella to care that Justin is trying to win back Selena. According to people who keep up with who follows who on social media, The Weeknd did unfollow Selena’s mom and her friends on Instagram while his best friend unfollowed Selena.

I don’t know if that means anything. Who wants to follow their girlfriend’s mom on social media anyway? I’m not friends with my wife’s mom on Facebook. It doesn’t mean there are problems in my relationship. It means I don’t want to see my mother-in-law post those dumb “If you’re really my friend, you’ll repost this” thing that every single old person posts on Facebook.

I guess since Bieber found God, he’s trying to repair his past relationships. And since Selena had a kidney transplant over the summer, she probably wants to make some amends as well. They were each other’s first love, and it doesn’t matter how it ended or what’s happened in between, there’s also that place in your heart for your first love. Even if you are sick of that same old love and you’re better off loving yourself.

Also, we all realize that Canada’s biggest conflict right now is The Weeknd, Bieber, and Drake maybe feuding over Selena and Bella, right? Think about that for a second. An entire’s country biggest concern is three rich musical artists fighting over two rich actresses. Forget first world problems, give me Canada problems any day of the week.

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