KFC’s Twitter Only Follows 11 Herbs and Spice Girls

In one of the weirdest social media marketing ploys since McDonalds did their “not Rick and Morty but totally Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce Riot” stunt, it has come to Twitter’s attention that Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Twitter account is following 11 people. Those people are 6 guys named Herb, including Herb Alpert, and the 5 Spice Girls, referencing that brand’s “11 herbs and spices”. The original tweet pointing this out went viral with over a quarter million retweets in less than a day.

People’s minds were clearly blown at the clever and extremely subtle joke.

As always, Wendy’s social media team couldn’t let another food brand trend without inserting themselves into the conversation.

So this is a cute story to start your weekend on, isn’t it? Well, we at The Blemish regret to inform you that Harvey Weinstein just raped a 10 piece bucket. I’m kidding, of course, it was actually one of those Double Down sandwiches, the ones with no bread. But true to his word, Harv got that sandwich a supporting role in a lighthearted summer comedy opposite Dane Cook after it signed an NDA.

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