Kristen Bell Hoping to Revive Some Careers by Bringing Back ‘Veronica Mars’

Here is some good news in the wake of everyone being accused of sexual harassment: More Veronica Mars is one the way.

This is according to Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell.

In a Facebook Live interview with IndieWire, Ryan Hansen (who plays Dick Casablancas) on the show, called Bell in the middle of the chat and asked her about a potential rebirth of the series.

“We are willing to put the effort in — I mean, if I have to do it as ‘Murder She Wrote’ at 80, we’re going to do it,” said Bell. “It’s going to happen.”

Bell continued by saying that she remains in contact with creator Rob Thomas, it’s just a matter of getting the timing right. Bell currently stars in the awesome series The Good Place and said it’s tough filming two TV shows at once before saying a mini-series is more likely.

That’s fine by me.

“Rob and I email about it every couple of months or so,” Bell said. “And personally I think, and I think Rob probably agrees, is that a) we’ll never make the fans pay for it again and b) the format works better as an episodic (series).”

“Never make fans pay for it again” is a reference to the Veronica Mars movie, which came about via a Kickstarter project.

This isn’t confirmation of anything, but if Bell is committed, that’s all that really matters. Hansen is milking his Veronica Mars fame by creating a show called Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television (even though it’s on YouTube). This comes after a failed attempt at trying to do the same thing with a show called Play It Again, Dick. Percy Daggs III and Jason Dohring were part of that show as well.

Basically, only Bell has been able to move on and do something with her career. The others think they’re still detectives.

Maybe Veronica Mars can investigate why those three can’t let go of the past.

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