Sexual Assault: It’s Just Not For NFL Stars But Also Middle Schoolers

Children are essentially tiny sociopaths and no one can really convince me otherwise. The only people who act with the same disregard for human decency as teenagers are YouTube commenters and police officers talking to unarmed black men. If you wanted some evidence of this, well, let’s go into a locker room before football practice in a small town in Virginia.

So what you’re seeing here is a news report that showed video clips of some white middle school kids pinning down some black middle school kids and sexually assaulting them while saying racist things. Which is… bad. Very bad. Of course, they also streamed this to Snapchat because, like those cheerleaders Twin Peaks-ing the n-word, teenagers are dumb sociopaths. NBC 12 in Virginia had details.

The video starts with text that asks, “Ever wonder what happens in the football locker room?”

It showcases football players from Short Pump Middle School simulating sex acts with black players on the ground and other students on top.

“What’s going on? He’s (expletive) a black,” students say in an exchange.

“We gonna (expletive) the black outta these African children from Uganda,” a student said in text placed over the video.

Like, keep in mind not only were these kids like “this seems like a normal thing to do,” they also thought it was a good idea to put it on Snapchat. Also, I can’t stop laughing at the name Short Pump Middle School. I know this is a very serious issue and all, and mental health experts have weighed in on how this incident could be traumatizing, but this particular story happening in a town called “Short Pump”?

“Some people are going to be dealing with shame. Some people are going to be dealing with guilt. Some folks are going to be dealing with powerlessness, helplessness,” said Bob Nickles of Child Savers.

He believes children affected by or exposed to trauma could benefit from counseling.

“It’s not as if something didn’t happen, it’s whatever happened I was able to absorb and grow and learn from that,” he said.

So what’s happening with these little racist James Tobacks in training? Well, for a start, their football season has been cancelled, as per a letter sent from the district to parents.

As a consequence of the students’ actions that came to the school’s attention on Monday, the remaining football games for the SPMS football team will be forfeited; however, practices will continue. A mandatory component of practices will be discussions that focus on reporting responsibilities, accountability, ethics, sexual harassment, and racial tolerance. We acknowledge that all team members were not involved in the incident; however, we believe there are important lessons/reminders that should be reinforced with all team members.

And after reading all of that, I am 100% sure that at least one person is thinking “well, kids will be kids, at least they didn’t do something really bad like kneeling during the national anthem.” If that’s you, don’t be that guy.

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