Oddly Racist Corn Pops Box Takes the Internet By Storm

Have you ever looked at a box of Corn Pops and thought “this is racist”? Neither have I, because who the hell eats Corn Pops when they have Cocoa Pebbles in the same aisle? Well, apparently author Saladin Ahmed eats Corn Pops, because he noticed something weird going on with the illustration on the back of his box.

I honestly never would have noticed that the janitor Corn Pop was brown because I would have been too irritated by the use of “ninjas” instead of the plural “ninja.” Seriously, Japan doesn’t have separate plural forms for words, so Japanese loanwords should have the same singular and plural forms, like deer and moose. This is the sort of thing you think about when you were an English major and in your college’s anime club.

It didn’t take long for Kellogg’s to reply to this oddly racist Corn Pops cartoon, promising the artwork would be updated on future printings. No explanation on why the Corn Pops are all ninja to begin with, though, or why a bunch of ninja are running around a mall. Are they just like, Corn Pop Naruto cosplayers? I need to know these things if I’m going to function. And I personally would have assumed Corn Pops were more of a One Piece crowd.

Twitter being Twitter (and I love you, Twitter, don’t ever change, you make this job so easy when you’re full of crazy people) the takes are extra spicy. Which is funny because Corn Pops are one of the blandest things on the face of the planet.

You just know that when someone has “Deplorable” in their name that they are going to say something unintentionally hilarious.

“Remember that scene on Game of Thrones when Cersei Lannister was paraded through town naked and everyone yelled ‘Sham! Sham!’? That’s what you’re doing to this poor Corn Pop immigrant who moved to Popsylvania all the way from Cornavaca to find a better life for his family!” I’m sorry, I just can’t get over how funny it is that people are creating elaborate backstories for an anthropomorphic Corn Pop to explain why making the only brown guy a janitor isn’t racist.

Okay, this guy actually pointed out something interesting. The Corn Pop is getting cornrows. Get it?

Setting aside the janitor thing, there’s some weird stuff going on in this picture.

Hey, wait a minute… this is true. That janitor isn’t even a Corn Pop, it’s some sort of invasive cereal species. Like a Cocoa Puff that fell into the wrong the box or something and was forced to clean up while the Corn Pop Master Race runs around doing cornjitsu and whatnot. How deep does this conspiracy go, Kellogg’s?

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6 years ago

I too am offended at this ‘racist’ box of cereal. It shows whites are a bunch of do nothing loafers while the brown one is the ONLY hard worker.