Paris Jackson’s Cousin Sounds More Like Michael Jackson Than She Does

Paris Jackson can sing. At least, that’s what I’m led to believe based on this video.

That’s Michael’s daughter singing “Smile” with Austin Brown. I’ve never heard of Austin Brown or heard of the song, but I think it’s pretty good. I like his voice, as well. Paris Jackson is singing, but I can’t tell if she’s good or if she’s being carried by Brown. There’s clear evidence that Brown is good on his own, Jackson never goes solo in this video.

Some are already saying that Paris sounds a lot like her father, but let’s wait until we see more evidence, ok? Michael Jackson was one of the best singers and entertainers of his generation. Paris Jackson is barely swaying and sort of contributing to a duet. Until she gives me “Black or White” I’m not ready to put her next to Tito, much less Michael.

That’s a bit unfair.

She’s definitely better than Tito. Even if she can’t sing a lick.

And are we still doing that thing where we’re not sure if Paris actually has any of Michael’s DNA? Because if we are, it’s a bit farfetched to say she has her father’s voice. She could still be a good singer and not have her father’s voice.

If you’re wondering who Austin Brown is, he’s the cousin of Paris. He’s the son of Rebbie Jackson, who was Michael’s oldest sister. Why can’t we praise him and say that he has the voice of his uncle? Because that dude is good and we should be paying attention to him, not Paris.

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