Cheerleaders Are Still Stuck Up, But Are Now Racist Too

Maybe cheerleaders have just always been racist. One of the plotlines from Bring It On, the biggest cheerleading movie of all time, was that the white girls were stealing their routines from a poor, African-American cheer squad. And come to think of it, “Those black girls may not have any money but they’re such great dancers” is also kind of racist.

But some of the cheerleaders at a school the Huffington Post identified as Weber High School in Pleasant View, Utah, have taken the racist cake by filming themselves yelling “f**k n*****s” over and over again. But don’t worry, according to Donald Trump voters, the real racists are Syrian refugees or something.

So, okay, what actually happened here is that the girls found an app that plays video recorded with it backwards and decided that the best way to test it was to say “sergin cuff” a bunch of times. Personally, I’d have gone with “That gum you like is going to come back in style”, but I’m not a dumb, racist high school kid.

Also, the video is a year old, and one of these geniuses kept it and decided to share it, albeit privately, on social media. One of their classmates decided to make it not so private, because, you know, they were saying something horribly racist. HuffPo talked to Lane Findlay, a spokesperson for the school district, about the incident.

Findlay said the young women could face counseling, being kicked off the cheerleading team or expulsion from school for their actions, though no disciplinary decision has been reached yet.

“It’s being taken very seriously,” he said. “We realize it’s affected many students at the school, but we want to be fair and thorough and ask for everyone’s patience.”

Does anyone find it weird that schools punish students for things they do outside of school? I mean, these girls are racist pieces of s**t, but in America, we do have the right to be racist pieces of s**t. Of course, it’s probably a good life lesson, people seem to get fired for doing dumb s**t on social media all the time, so it’s probably good that kids learn that lesson early. I don’t have any empathy for these girls, by the way, just an observation that they weren’t being racist shitbags in school. Well, I mean, they probably were, but they didn’t get caught being racist shitbags in school.

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Gaga Bump
Gaga Bump
6 years ago

These girls are not racist. They made a mistake, but racism is not a part of this. They recorded a stupid video that does not even say anything offensive unless you play it backwards. Get over it. Stop being offended by mere words.