‘Rick and Morty’ Bring Szechuan Sauce Back to McDonald’s for One Day Only

I need that Mulan McNugget Sauce, Morty! In the surprise season premiere of Rick and Morty this past April, protagonist Rick Sanchez revealed that the reason he built his portal gun to explore alternate realities and the purpose behind all his constant science experiments is that he’s trying to get more of the Szechuan Sauce McDonald’s offered as a promotional tie-in with Disney’s Mulan.

This led legions of Rick and Morty fans, including yours truly, to hope McDonald’s would bring it back, presumably because no one even remembers what it tasted like. Mulan came out like 20 years ago, which coincidentally is roughly the length of time between seasons of Adult Swim’s other popular animated nerdventure series The Venture Brothers, which can only be completed when the planets are in perfect alignment.

Well, Rick succeeded in his quest for Szechuan Sauce, because McDonald’s is bringing it back in extremely limited quantities on Saturday, October 7th, for one day only.

Availability of the Szechuan Sauce is limited to certain restaurants, and you need to check the website to see where you have to go to get yours. My city isn’t even listed, I’d have to drive almost two hours to get this stuff, and I’m not that big a fan. I could watch like, five episodes of Rick and Morty with that time. Or do something productive. But I’ll probably just watch Rick and Morty. I’m actually watching it now while I write this.

Reaction to the move has ranged from “Wubba Luba Dub Dub!” to “Tiny Rick!” because Rick and Morty fans like to talk about smart they are but then just spout mindless catchphrases. The actual reaction on the internet has mostly been people finding out how far they have to drive for their meme sauce that no one even knows if they’ll like that Macca’s is using to promote some fancy buttermilk chicken strips which, let’s be honest, can’t possibly actually taste better than a McNugget, a food biologically engineered to be as delicious as legally possible.

Oh, and probably a thousand fans of a show about a character who brags about being a nonconformist posted the same gif of Rick saying he wants the Mulan McNugget Sauce. You know, the joke I made at the top of this article in case you thought I was getting a little full of myself.

Of course, it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the season finale of Rick and Morty and I’m already starting to go into withdrawal. When’s the new season, Roiland? Stop screwing around with McNuggets and write!

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