‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Go Freaking Berserk When McDonald’s Runs Out Of McNugget Sauce

When McDonald’s said they were bringing back their Szechuan dipping sauce in very limited quantities, they weren’t kidding. Some locations had hundreds if not thousands of people in line for about 20 packets of dipping sauce, and McDonald’s had underestimated how insane Rick and Morty fans are. For the record, they’re roughly this crazy.

Some of them are also really terrible lawyers.

Even Rick and Morty fans think Rick and Morty fans are tedious. One of the top comments on the Rick and Morty subreddit, titled “What the f**k is wrong with you people?” is by one of the hosts of the left-wing podcast “Struggle Session,” excoriating people for their treatment of McDonald’s employees.

I have now seen three videos of angry mobs screaming at mortified service workers and I am appalled. I’ve known Justin for a few years and have sent him an email about how disgusting this whole display has been. It is not acceptable to promote a TV show off of the humiliation of the working poor.

McDonalds workers are some of the lowest paid, poorly treated human beings in the United States. They have no unions. They have no collective bargaining or labor advocacy. They get paid the bare minimum, work insane hours, and are condescended to as inferior “burger flippers” by management, executives, and of course, the customers.

Was it really worth torturing these poor people for some goddamn promo sauce? This is nihilism and consumerism at it’s ugliest.

Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland seemed to address this on Twitter,

And then came the big reveal, that this was all a stunt.

McDonald’s knew exactly what would happen when they appealed to one of the Internet’s most rabid fanbases with such a limited quantity of actual product (rumors are that they distributed 1,000 sauce packets for the entire country). Like the McRib or the Shamrock Shake, the only reason people want these is because they can’t get it. If McRibs sold well enough to be sold year-round, they’d be sold year-round. If this Mulan McNugget Sauce was any good, McDonald’s would have made it a permanent offering twenty years ago. But they got a ton of free press for their new chicken strips this way, and only their underpaid, overworked hourly employees had to deal with the fallout of mobs of angry customers.

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