Rose McGowan Is On a Warpath and Only Twitter Terms of Service Can Stop Her

Want to harass a woman or start a Klan rally or call people racial slurs on Twitter? Go for it. Want to admit you’re a victim of rape and tweet out a phone number? Not today, missy.

Rose McGowan’s Twitter page was suspended Thursday morning after she tweeted a private phone number.

Before we get into that, let’s go back to a year ago. As part of the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport, McGowan dropped a few truth bombs on the industry.

Note the date. They aren’t from the future. They are from exactly one year ago. McGowan is admitting that she was sexually abused, but had to keep it a secret because women are shamed for that type of thing and the person who abused her appears to be a powerful man.

Fast forward to now. Harvey Weinstein is being accused of multiple rapes and people in his company spent years covering it up.

Now that Rose has your attention one year later, she’s ready to ether fools.

But getting justice comes at a price. A 12-hour price to be exact. That’s how long Twitter suspended her for tweeting a phone number. McGowan returned and continued to light some flames.

A likely shot at the Twitter double standard when it comes to our president, who got away with tweeting Lindsay Graham’s phone number without a 12-hour suspension.

McGowan feels she wasn’t suspended because of a phone number. She feels people at the Weinstein company are trying to silence her. She’s probably right, but good luck stopping her now.

In light of these reports, Weinstein has been ousted as the head of the Weinstein company. Because it’s cool to sexually assault women for years. Just don’t have it become public knowledge.

Rose hasn’t let up in her conquest to out Hollywood as the biggest cesspool in America. She’s telling her story to anyone who is listening on Twitter, which is everyone, and calling out anyone who had a hand in covering it up. Just sit back and let it happen, Twitter. Deal with the people who actually cause a problem on your website and let Rose work. She’s the hero we need right now.

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