Sampling Lipstick at Sephora Might Give You Herpes

I don’t know what a Sephora is, but apparently, their lipstick gives you herpes.

This, according to a woman who is suing the company after she tried a sample at one of their stores in California. Are we sure she didn’t sleep with Usher?

The woman claims that she now has an “incurable lifelong affliction,” whatever the hell that means. She says that if Sephora had warned that you may get herpes if you try on lipstick that thousands of other people have tried, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Sephora should honestly use the Usher defense in this one. “You knew the risks when you used a lipstick sample that had been used by other people.” Bitch, you just saw Betty with the bad teeth use that sample, what did you think was gonna happen when you used the same sample?

The woman claims that Sephora cared too much about making money than they did about protecting customers, noting that other lipstick companies have proven methods of avoiding the risk of herpes through lipstick samples.

Of course they cared more about making money. They’re selling lipstick at the mall. That’s one step above selling lipstick to your friends at those stupid make-up parties that my wife gets dragged to once a month. And you wanna know the other companies proven methods of not infecting their clients with herpes? They find smarter clients.

I don’t feel bad for this woman and I hope Sephora wins this case. Then, I hope Usher blames Sephora for giving the people suing him herpes. Usher has already tried the “you’re not my type” and the “you knew the risks” defense. Only thing left to check off his list is the “you probably got it from sampling lipstick at the mall” defense.

You got this, Usher.

[Image: Flickr/Mike Mozart]

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