Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog Is a Thing I Don’t Understand, but You Can Be One for Halloween

If you use Snapchat, this story is for you. If you’re out of high school, you can browse around the rest of this website. Check out pictures of Bella Thorne. Stay up to date on Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator. Enjoy yourself. It’s a good website.

For those of you still here, I assume you love Snapchat. So you’ll be happy to know that they’re selling dancing hot dog costumes on Amazon. Just in time for Halloween.

I have no clue what this means. I stopped using Snapchat when my wife stopped sending me sexts through the app. I know there are hundreds of filters on the app and I assume that there’s some filter with a dancing hot dog that appears or you get dressed up like a dancing hot dog. TO THE YOUTUBE!

Ummm. Ok. I have to admit that I only made it two minutes into that video before giving up. I don’t see any humor in it whatsoever. But again, I’m not in high school. The high school me probably would have loved this because I was a lonely person and the dancing hot dog would have been my best friend.

Anyway, if you want to dress up as a hot dog for Halloween, head over to Amazon and pay $80 for a costume you’re only going to wear once. Just know, if you knock on my door wearing this costume, I’m giving you an uncooked hot dog in your bag. Everyone else will get a full-size Snickers because I don’t play around on Halloween. But you’re getting an uncooked hot dog.

You could be smart and get job at a local hot dog shop. Then, you put on their costume, stand outside to get people to come inside to buy food, and instead of paying $80 for the costume, you actually get paid to wear the costume!

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