The Final ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer Is Here and It’s Epic

It’s almost here. HALLOWEEN! And the debut of Stranger Things season 2 on Netflix. To get you pumped up for Halloween, and the Stranger Things season 2, Netflix released the final trailer for the series we all fell in love with last year.

Previous trailers and posters have given us an idea that this season will be much bigger, but this trailer shows how large this season will be. This is no longer about one kid being captured and stuck in the upside down. This is now about a universe of monsters looking to destroy anything they come across.

My favorite part of the trailer is everyone with guns, ready to unload, while Lucas has a slingshot. If a slingshot is what ends up taking out these monsters, I move that we banish all guns in America and just give everyone a slingshot.

Also, can we talk about Eleven’s hair? We know this season takes place roughly one year after last season. Season 1 happened in November 1983. This season is October 1984 based on it being Halloween and the Bush/Reagen ’84 sign we see in the trailer. I’m just going assume that Eleven has spent this whole last year eating Eggos and growing hair.

Aside from the giant squid that is going to crush the town, I’m most excited for the return of crazy Joyce Byers. Last season, she went off the deep end because her son went missing and no one would listen to her. Now, she’s still in the deep end because her son got back and no one will give him the help he needed. I feel like they could have solved these issues a long time ago if they had just listened to Joyce from the start.

Here’s my prediction: this all ends with someone finding a marble bag with gems. The gems hold a secret power that destroy the monster(s). The marble bag is in the pocket of Joyce’s new boyfriend: Sean Austin.

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