Jack Daniels Flag Mistaken for ISIS Flag by Man’s Neighbors

I’ll bet you thought only Americans were dumb enough to confuse the label of a bottle of whisky with the flag of Islamist terrorist group ISIS. Well, you’re wrong, because if there’s one thing Americans know, it’s what a bottle of Jack Daniels looks like. No, this story takes place in Zurich, Switzerland, where a resident used his share of the Nazi gold fund to buy a flag with the Jack Daniels label printed on it, according to The Sun.

The 29-year-old received a letter last Saturday signed “concerned neighbours” which asked why he had put the “black flag of death” outside his house.

Maybe his neighbors are just really concerned about his drinking?

I talked to the neighbours but no-one knows anything about it.

“We want to address the responsible person or people” — because he fears he could have been slandered as a terror sympathiser.

That’s pretty messed up, and also kind of racist. The Jack Daniels logo looks nothing like the ISIS flag, aside from being black and white. Unless you think any squiggly line looks like Arabic writing. Which is racist.

“When it is wrongly told that we are supporters of ISIS, it is defamation”, he said — vowing to keep the JD flag flying.

Yeah, he’s right, that’s not very neighborly. That’s a good way to get a tiny pair of scissors in the eye or something.

[Image: Flickr/Gaetan Ducatteeuw]

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