Australian Ferry to Be Named ‘Ferry McFerryface’ Because the Aussies Don’t Backpedal on Internet Polls Like the Brits

You may remember that a while back, the United Kingdom’s Natural Environment Research Council held an online poll to name a research ship.  Internet voters resoundingly decided on the name Boaty McBoatface because if there’s one thing that can unite people on the internet, it’s a silly meme. Well, the NERC ended up naming that ship the RRS Sir David Attenborough because the British are pussies who don’t know how to have fun.

You know who are a bunch of good cunts who know how to take a joke? The Aussies! Yes, in Australia men are men, Jim Jefferies is an intellectual, tap water is alcoholic, being surrounded by deadly flora and fauna is considered a leisurely stroll and Ferry McFerryface is a perfectly acceptable name for a ferry in Sydney Harbour. And after winning a vote among Sydney residents, they will indeed name a new harbor ferry Ferry McFerryface.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said they wanted to avoid a double up.

“Given Boaty was already taken by another vessel, we’ve gone with the next most popular name nominated by Sydneysiders,” Mr Constance said.

“Ferry McFerryface will be the harbour’s newest icon, and I hope it brings a smile to the faces of visitors and locals alike.

You see that, England? That’s how you take a joke. If the public wants to call a boat Boaty McBoatface, you call your damn boat Boaty McBoatface, not just some dinghy. Let people have a bit of a laugh, it won’t kill you, you stuffy, uptight public servants.

When voting opened Mr Constance urged the public: “Let’s really generate some of the best names possible.”

And they did. Ferry McFerryface. I can’t think of a better name. Actually, I can think of one. The RSS Dude Who Headbutted Tony Abbott. That’s a real Australian hero who deserves a boat named after him.

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6 years ago

“You know who are a bunch of good cunts who know how to take a joke? The Aussies!” — completely accurate, and spoken like a native ;)