Bryan Cranston Thinks Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey Deserve a Second Chance

We all love Bryan Cranston. He was the dad in Malcolm in the Middle and the dad in Breaking Bad. We were basically raised by Bryan Cranston. He taught us how to work through marital problems, how to be young when you’re old, and how to become a drug-dealing mobster.

He also taught us that we should give people second chances. Even if those people are pedophiles and those who have committed sexual assault. They deserve a second chance, just like anyone.

Here’s what Cranston told BBC (via Vulture) about the possibility of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey returning to work:

“Maybe down the road there is room for that. Maybe so. Then it would be up to us to determine, case by case, whether or not this person deserves a second chance. We should let that open. We shouldn’t close it off and say, ‘To hell with him, rot, and go away from us for the rest of your life.’ Let’s not do that. Let’s be bigger than that.”

He said that if they took years to work through their psychological and emotional problems, that they could be welcomed back.

Weinstein is 65 and has been accused of sexually assaulting over 100 women. Spacey is 58 and was touching 14-year-old boys on the set of movies. They’ll be dead by the time they work through their psychological and emotional problems.

Let’s head to Twitter for their opinion.

I get what Cranston is saying, but come on, dude. People who shoplift deserve a second chance to walk back into that store and prove they won’t try to steal again. People who cheat deserve a second chance to be in a relationship. People who rape multiple women or fondle multiple underage children because they’re in a position of power shouldn’t be allowed to be back in power.

Just show up in Better Call Saul and stop doing interviews, Bryan.

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6 years ago

*puts hands over face* Wow, way to selectively quote the guy Jeremy – grats on your clickbait. How about including the first half where he explained that forgiveness could only be attained if an entire society chose to forgive them and only after evidence of an amazing amount of contrition from those who had committed these wrongs. Harvey and cohorts are pieces of garbage – good people however forgive some pretty incredible things, no one’s arguing that they’re not – forgiveness speaks not of the sins of the people being forgiven, but of the incredible calibre of the people offering… Read more »