Chrissy Teigen Put Down the Nintendo Long Enough for John Legend to Knock Her up Again

With all this sexual assault news dominating the headlines, we need something good in our lives.


Resident favorite of myself, and anyone who I would want as my best friend, took to Instagram to make the announcement.

I guess, technically, Teigen’s first born, Luna, made the announcement. Teigen asked Luna, “What’s in here?” Luna responded with “baby!”

Teigen also astutely made to mention that the upcoming baby was fathered by John Legend. You can never be too sure of those kind of things nowadays.

It’s been a struggle for Teigen to get pregnant in the past, so much so that she had embryos implanted in her. She ended up with three embryos in her body. The first one didn’t take. The second one turned out to be Luna. And the third one…

While that’s not a confirmation (check the date on the tweet, it was posted back in January), it does appear that the upcoming Teigen-Legend bundle of joy will be a boy.

Prior to making the announcement, Teigen has spent most of her time playing Super Mario Odyssey.

The good news is that, if Chrissy found this much free time to play SMO with one baby, she’ll have plenty of free time once the second baby is born. The first baby is the real trouble, but if you did things correctly, she can easily raise the second child without much help parental guidance.

I look forward to more updates from Chrissy on her Nintendo Switch adventures. And the kid, I guess.

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