Diddy Changed His Name Again Because He’s ‘Different’

When Diddy changed his name from Puffy to Puff Daddy to P. Diddy to Diddy, it was funny. We all laughed at how often Diddy changed his name. In fact, Diddy himself had a good laugh about it. He cast Ben Stiller to make fun of constant name changes in the video for “Bad Boys For Life.”

I’m not even going to start the video at the scene because this is by far the best non-Biggie track Diddy has ever put out and you should watch/listen to the whole thing.

But then he was Diddy for a long time and if you made fun of his name changes, you just showed how out of touch you were.

You’re no longer out of touch.

Diddy decided to change his name to Love aka Brother Love for…reasons. He says it’s because “he’s something different” but that’s a pretty corny reason. I’m not the same person I was five years ago. You don’t see me changing my name so people take notice.

The real reason Diddy is changing his name is so he can market the s**t out of it and make millions of more dollars. He really is a genius.

But there might be a problem with that.

You see, there’s a former WWE character named Brother Love and if you know anything about WWE and Vince McMahon, you’ll know that if anyone tries using something that he feels he created, he’ll sue the s**t out of you. The Brother Love named is not trademarked by WWE, but if they’re smart (and they definitely are in these cases), they’re already applying for the trademark. So, should Diddy market himself as Brother Love, he’ll be sending some money over to Vince every time he does so.

As he should. Brother Love is a bad name choice. It sounds like Diddy is trying way too hard. And the second he does something that isn’t about love, he’s going to look stupid.

Just change your name to D. Or turn yourself into a symbol like Prince.

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