Donald Trump Bitches About Marshawn Lynch Sitting for the National Anthem

Marshawn Lynch is the best. He plays chicken with buses and hangs out in the crowd after being ejected from the game. There’s no point in trying to figure out what Marshawn is thinking or doing because he’s an enigma.

Marshawn has sat for the national anthem this entire season. He probably sat during the national anthem last season as well, even though he wasn’t in the league. His head coach, Jack del Rio, says it’s “just Marshawn being Marshawn,” which is not entirely untrue. It’s also not entirely true, because Marshawn is a smart guy is obviously doing this as a form of protest.

While Lynch sat for the American national anthem, he stood for the national anthem of Mexico. The Raiders met the Patriots in Mexico City, which is why both national anthems were played. This didn’t sit too well with Donald Trump.

This dude is really still blaming players kneeling as the reason why ratings and attendance are down? No one is tuning out because Marshawn Lynch sits during the national anthem. They’re tuning out because a star gets injured every Sunday and who the hell wants to watch the Packers without Aaron Rodgers?

Maybe Trump should worry more about his approval rating than NFL ratings. He knows that he’s bringing more attention to it with his childish tweets, right? I didn’t know Marshawn stood for the national anthem of Mexico until I saw this story. And I still don’t care.

I’m all for the Raiders benching Marshawn, but not because he sits for the anthem. He looks every bit like a 30-year-old running back with over 2,000 carries to his name.

Come on, Donald. Your Patriots roughed up the Raiders down in Mexico City. Isn’t that enough? They went to Mexico City and did what you’ve been failed to do this past year. They built a wall around the Raiders offense and prevented them from entering the endzone.

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