Ethan Cutkosky Of ‘Shameless’ Arrested For DUI

I never watched Shameless on Showtime, mainly because I watched the Channel 4 original and you’re not going to top James McAvoy as a charming car thief romancing his real-life future wife Anne-Marie Duff on-screen, even if the show ran for a decade after they left. So I have the gist of the show and the characters, even if things are different.

Well, Ethan Cutkosky, the 18-year-old actor who plays adorable little psychopath Carl Gallagher in the US adaptation and whose name sounds like a Russian used car salesman, was arrested for a DUI after he failed a field sobriety test, as first reported by TMZ.

Apparently, the officer smelled weed in Cutkosky’s car after he was pulled over, per E!, for “unsafe speed, unsafe turning movement and lane straddling.”

Here’s a pro-tip for Cutkosky: just because you play a poverty-stricken ne’er do well on television doesn’t mean you should run around doing the things your character does. Also, stay the f**k away from Kevin Spacey. That one’s not going to keep you out of jail, it’ll just keep you from getting your cock grabbed by Kevin Spacey.

Cutkosky was booked at the Burbank City Jail but was released hours later on a citation. He is set to appear in court Nov. 29. Records from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department indicate there was a $5,000 bail.

So there you go, Carl Gallagher has a little first-hand experience with the legal system now. Maybe Cutkosky should spend a semester in military school, it might straighten him out.

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