Uber Rider Steals $5 From Driver Who Probably Talked Too Much During Their Ride

I use Uber. I love Uber. Unlike my friends, Uber is super reliable when you need a ride from somewhere. I typically tip my Uber driver. They say they’re not supposed to accept tips, but most of them do. After all, it’s not like there are cameras in the car and it’s not like they’re begging for tips by having a giant tip jar in the middle of the console.


Listen, you shouldn’t steal tips from your Uber driver, your bartender, or your stripper. That’s just bad karma and a shitty thing to do. But what kind Uber driver has a camera, which the female looks directly at, and a tip jar big enough that a contortionist can fit into? This guy was asking for something to go wrong.

The woman, whose name is Gabrielle Canales, says she only stole $5 and later returned it to the driver. The driver claims differently. Uber took the word of the customer, because they’re always right, and told the driver to take the matter to the police if he wanted something done about it.

He says he was too busy to take it to the police. Or, more likely, he wasn’t going to bother the police over $5 because they weren’t gonna do s**t about it.

Canales has deleted all her social media accounts after being harrassed.

Uber has since banned Canales from using their app, but it’s not that hard to sign up under a different email or phone number. So really, they didn’t do s**t.

I hope they at least gave the dude his five bucks back. It’s not like he lied and claimed it was some exorbitant amount. It’s $5. Reimburse the guy and gain a little goodwill with your customers and drivers. In fact, Uber should double it and give him $10.

And then tell him not to have a tip jar right in front of the customer.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
3 years ago

She had some sweet titties tho.

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