Good News, Unattractive Men, Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive

Every year, People magazine declares one lucky celebrity to be The Sexiest Man Alive. Much like the designated survivor in the presidential line of succession, it is this man’s duty to repopulate the earth in the event of a catastrophe, as well as having a say in all government decisions related to sexiness. This year that grave responsibility falls to Blake Shelton, a shlubby country singer.

To say that people disagreed with this highest of honors being given to Mr. Gwen Stefani would be a massive understatement. Here are some of the more colorful reactions from Twitter.

I don’t even know what these next tweets mean but I 100% agree.

Even Stephen Colbert had to get in on it, showing how Twitter’s new 280 character limit doesn’t actually help make joke funnier.

One response article suggested K-Pop singer Jungkook is sexier than Blake Shelton, and I agree. He is 100% my type, by which I mean he looks like an Asian woman.

Okay, so, Shelton has some supporters, too. Maybe it’s unfair to have a go at Shelton like this, but look at it like this; Amy Schumer is somewhat attractive in an unconventional way, but no way in hell is she going to be the Sexiest Woman Alive while Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick still exist.

And apparently Ron Funches’s mom thinks Shelton is sexy, too, and Ron’s word is good enough for me. I love Ron, he’s the best.

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