Male Models Get Into Bizarre NYC Beatdown

Paramount / Zoolander

A giant fight between British male models and non-British male models took place on Saturday night at Paul’s Baby Grand in New York. It was not on pay-per-view.

According to the NY Daily News, a group of British models started picking a fight with bouncers at the club. The bouncers, who were too busy letting in hot chicks and not their ugly friends, paid them no mind. To their defense came other club goers and off duty staff. That’s when it turned into a 10-on-10 brawl that spilled out into the streets. By the time it was over, 30 people had been involved, but no one called the police.

An insider said, “These guys were being aggressively British,” which I guess means they were insulted when no one would lift their pinky up while taking a shot. He also said, “It was the most New York fight ever.”

I have to disagree with that. I’ve seen Gangs of New York and this sounds nothing like that. There was no cannon fire, axes, spears, or Daniel Day-Lewis. Also, no one died. This sounds like any other fight that could occur on any other night between any drunk group of idiots.

I guess it could be straight out of Zoolander, but that’s typecasting. And these guys didn’t have a runway show to settle their differences, they had a real fight. And until I find out that they became best friends and stopped Will Ferrell from killing the Prime Minister, I refuse to call it a Zoolander fight.

These male models are quite possibly the dumbest models in history for starting this fight. You’re a model. No one cares about anything but your looks. You know how you remain good looking? You don’t start a royal rumble in the middle of New York.

Maybe it’s just not possible to be “aggressively British” and a male model.

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