Jennifer Lawrence Got Naked In Kris Jenner’s Closet and Asked Kim Kardashian to Send Kanye In

Jennifer Lawrence hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and she did a pretty good job. You can check out her monologue where, once she gets used to the rhythm of the cue card guys, she delivers a few funny jokes and does a great woman on the street segment.

But the highlight of the program was probably when she had Kim Kardashian on and recounted a story about getting completely naked in Kris Jenner’s closet. Hmmm. Naked with Kris Jenner and in the closet. That sounds so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

Kim is apparently blonde for some reason now, and it’s not working for her. She needs to fix that. What did, work, however, was the insane story the two shared in the first segment, which Us Magazine transcribed.

“I remember getting naked in your mom’s closet and ordering you to dress me,” she said. “I looked amazing, as you could see in that video. Is my memory correct? Did you call Kanye to come up in the closet? Did you want him to style me?”

“You said, ‘I’m not joking! I really want Kanye to style me!’” the social media mogul reminded her friend. “And so I said, ‘OK,’ and then I come back in and you’re fully butt naked!”

What the f**k did Kanye West do to deserve being surrounded by beautiful naked women all the time?

Oh yeah, he did that. Good for Kanye. I like that dude.

Kim and JLaw also talked about Kim’s time as a “hacker”, where she basically used phone number spoofing to get other people’s voicemails. Lawrence followed up by asking Kim “So do you think that you could like, hack, like, a president’s Twitter and maybe like stop a war? Like you could save the world… in theory.” Of course, Kim immediately called the leader of North Korea “Kim John Une” so we probably shouldn’t be pinning our hopes on her.

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