Those John Travolta Massage Rumors are Back

Back in 2012, a few masseuses came out claiming John Travolta sexually assaulted them while they were working. The first guy alleged that Travolta stripped down, got a semi and an hour into the massage, started rubbing the guys leg touching his shaft and balls. He then offered him a reverse massage and upped the ante by offering to jerk him off. When that didn’t work, Travolta just jerked himself off. Long story short, Travolta seemed pretty nice offering these things and all he got in return was a $2 million lawsuit.

Now with the whole Harvey Weinstein and men of Hollywood sexually assaulting everyone, another masseuse is resurfacing his claims that Travolta assaulted him. This one happened in 2000 at La Quinta Inn in Palm Springs.

It was the usual story. John Travolta wanted a deep body massage and his towel kept “slipping” down during it. After the masseuse gave Travolta a body scrub, Travolta kept saying how attractive he was and that he got him “excited”. Travolta then asked the guy to join him in the steam room so he wouldn’t be lonely. Obviously John got naked. Then Travolta wanted to show the guy a few massage techniques he had picked up. He ended up rubbing his taint or something.

Travolta then asked the guy to soap up his back while he showered. Not getting the hint and still hoping for shenanigans, Travolta asked if he ever gave another guy a rim job or if he would ever have sex with a dude and, if so, to tell him about it so he can fantasize about it.

The guy filed a police report but Travolta had left the hotel by the time an officer could question him.

Suffice to say, everyone just assumes Travolta is gay and he’s probably been doing this reverse massage pickup technique for years. The fact that this came up again during the whole Harvey Weinstein thing isn’t so surprising. What is surprising is there doesn’t seem to be any recent reports about this. John’s getting smarter. He’s…. evolving.

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