Jon Bernthal Says Kevin Spacey Was ‘A Bully’, Lucky He’s Not a Teenage Boy

Want to hear a massive understatement? Jon Bernthal said that Kevin Spacey was “a bit of a bully” to the cast and crew of Baby Driver, and that caused him to “lose all respect” for Spacey. Which, you know, seems kind of quaint what with the attempted rape of a 14 year old and all the dick grabbing on the set of House of Cards.

Bernthal was on The Jim and Sam Show on Sirius XM with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts when Norton brought up Kevin Spacey and Baby Driver. People had a transcript of the most relevant bits of the interview.

“The kind of man he was when I saw him, working with, made me lose all respect for him and I was enormously disappointed,” said Bernthal of finally working alongside Spacey in the 2017 film.

He further elaborated, “Going onto that set and working with him, I wasn’t there much and I wasn’t really in a situation to judge, but when I was there he really rubbed me the wrong way. I thought he was a bit of a bully… I didn’t really care for the way he was behaving toward some of the other people on set.”

“I think he was acting toward people in a way that where I remember, at the time, thinking, man if that was a woman that he was talking to I would have done something, I would have said something,” said the actor. “And I was really happy to sort of get out of there.”

So The Punisher got off the set of a Kevin Spacey film without getting his dick grabbed, so that’s good, at least. It’s a good thing Spacey wasn’t in The Punisher, since it was already delayed once because of the Las Vegas mass shooting. Luckily the Texas mass shooting a few weeks later was only the fifth worst in US history, so The Punisher is still scheduled to premier November 17th on Netflix.

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