Kendall Jenner Dethrones Gisele Bündchen as World’s Highest-Paid Model

Kendall Jenner is officially the highest-paid model in the world, ending the 15-year streak of Tom Brady’s hot wife, Gisele Bundchen, who’s not even that hot and kinda looks like a dude (thank you South Park for that one). It’s an inspiring story that shows that anyone can make it, as long as their father was on a box of Wheaties, their mother had millions of dollars from divorcing a blue chip lawyer and they have a huge social media following because their sister was a reality TV star.

It turns out that getting mad about cultural appropriation and Pepsi commercials on the internet doesn’t actually mean jack s**t in the real world, because Kendall Jenner basically made 22 million dollars to post ads to her Instagram. It’s good work if you can get it. We’re not getting paid anything to imbed those Instagram posts here, by the way, but she does look pretty damn hot in them.

Also interesting is that this year’s list features Ashley Graham, the first curve model to make the list. Curve is model-talk for fat. Wanna see what the world of fashion modeling considers fat?

Come on, really? She’s like the hottest woman I’ve ever seen who isn’t Kristen Stewart and we’re gonna be all “good for tubby for being able to make it as a model”?

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