‘Lady Bird’ Displaces ‘Toy Story 2’ as the Best Reviewed Movie on Rotten Tomatoes

When I first heard about the movie Lady Bird, I was a bit unimpressed. We’ve had a lot of biopics lately, so why release one about former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson the same month as the Woody Harrelson-led LBJ? Turns out I’m an idiot and Lady Bird isn’t about Claudia Johnson, but it is in actuality a period drama set in the distant, heady days of about fifteen years ago.

Things have really changed since then, though. Back then we were dealing with deep political divides that would seemingly never heal, an incompetent and deeply unpopular president who seemed creepily friendly with Russian President Vladimir Putin, racial tensions were growing across the globe and the second film in a long-anticipated but ultimately disappointing Star Wars trilogy was hitting the theaters. It was truly a different time.

But I digress. It turns out that Lady Bird, which is, again, not about the former First Lady but is actually a comedy-drama about a teenaged girl who doesn’t get along with her mother, is apparently really good. So good that it is now the most-reviewed movie to have a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

I have to admit that I haven’t actually seen it yet because the film is in limited release and I live in the Bumfuck, Nowhere, we don’t get limited releases here. Also, I spent my movie budget seeing JustOkay League, which was fine, I guess, but a little formulaic. Clearly I should have driven the… wow, 60 miles, according to MovieFone, to see Lady Bird instead.

Of course, a 100% fresh rating doesn’t actually make Lady Bird the best movie of all-time on Rotten Tomatoes, an honor which goes to The Wizard of Oz, currently at 99% Fresh thanks to a poor review from New Republic, but a higher overall score of 9.4 compared to Lady Bird’s 8.9. Lady Bird is currently 46 on Rotten Tomatoes Top 100, sitting just below Toy Story 3 and just ahead of Toy Story 2, which it displaced as the most-reviewed movie at 100%. Incidentally, my favorite movie, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, is number 80. So that’s a pretty good spot for Lady Bird to be in, though the list has an odd and inexplicable bias towards recent movies. I mean, there might be a reality where Wonder Woman (22) was a better movie than North by Northwest (26), but I know for damn sure it’s not this one.

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