Nation in Shock as Malia Obama Makes Out at Harvard-Yale Game

Are you ready for a new chapter in the book of Malia Obama, normal college student? I mean, as normal as you can be when you’re the millionaire daughter of the most popular living former President of the United States attending Harvard as an undergrad. And the press is still stalking her.

I’m not entirely sure why we actually care about Malia Obama. Maybe because the last Democratic president’s daughter is an idiot and we’re desperate for a constitutional monarchy for some reason. People are still saying they want Caroline Kennedy to run for office even after hearing her speak in public. 

Malia Obama went to a tailgate party for the Harvard-Yale game, and TMZ was there. She also kissed a boy. Scandal! And she walked in front of some drunk fans’ selfies.

And yes, I’m simultaneous covering this story while complaining about it being a story in the first place; when I’m done, I’m going to eat a piece of cake while also having said cake. For now, though, I want to show you the best tweet about who exactly is interested in this coverage of Malia Obama.

So who has the worst take on this “Malia Obama does normal college stuff” story? Is it Roosh, the Return Of Kings MRA human garbage guy? Yeah, it’s Roosh, who manages to be misogynist and racist and yet is somehow still verified by Twitter.

Honestly, like lots of people on Twitter said super racist stuff about Malia Obama kissing a dude.

Who would have guessed “Deplorable Me” would be a huge racist? I’m shocked.

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