Deaf Singer Gets Death Threats for Singing to Non-Deaf People

Mandy Harvey is a singer who made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent. That’s the competition show about Americans who have some sort of talent, in case you were confused.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal because there are a million singing shows. But Harvey is deaf, which makes her talent kind of a big deal. And she’s not jokingly deaf like how my friends tell me that I’m tone deaf when I sing. She’s actually deaf.

While most would celebrate Harvey being a deaf singer, the deaf community is not pleased. They’ve sent Harvey death threats over this. Their reason? She’s promoting oral communication.

Believe it or not, the deaf community seems to take being deaf very serious. If you’re deaf, you need to learn sign language in order to communicate. You can’t learn to talk and read lips because that’s like a sin or something. Even though lip reading and talking would be more beneficial to you than sign language, a language like 20 non-deaf people know, you shouldn’t do it.

Harvey wasn’t born deaf and tried music before she eventually lost her hearing by the time she got to college. She’s able to sing thanks to technology, which the deaf community likely frowns upon as well. When she’s off pitch, a light turns off to show she’s out of tune. If the green light stays on, she’s like that Anna Kendrick movie The Accountant. She also sings with her shoes off in order to feel the beat.

Here’s the performance that sent her to the finals of America’s Got Talent:

I was ready to hate this because I hate reality shows and figured she was held to a lower standard due to being deaf. But damn, that was a great piece of singing. Shame on you for sending her death threats, deaf community. Don’t you know how to ride coattails like every other community in America?

Mandy finished fourth on the show, losing to some 13-year-old ventriloquist. Ventriloquists are who the deaf community should really be pissed at. They make sounds without moving their mouths. Jerks.

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