Millie Bobby Brown Headed To ‘Chronicles of Narnia’

It’s been seven years since the last Chronicles of Narnia movie. No one remembers it, which means it’s time to make a new one as a way to reboot the franchise. Chronicles of Narnia: Silver Chair will hit theaters sometime in the next couple of years, but not before they actually cast the movie.

Their first casting decision is offering the role of the female lead to Millie Bobby Brown. That’s Eleven from Stranger Things, not someone related to Bobby Brown. Millie has yet to accept or reject the role and her availability will depend on when Stranger Things 3 begins filming.

Pass on this movie, Millie. But claim you’re only passing because it will interfere with your role in Stranger Things. And then make the producers of Stranger Things feel guilty that you passed on a big movie role for their Netflix show so they pay you more money.

This Hollywood agent thing is easy.

Silver Chair will be written by David Magee. Well, it’s already been written because it was a book. He’s just going to write it in movie form. The movie will follow Eustace Scrubb on an adventure to find the missing heir to the throne. No word yet on who will play the lion, the witch, or the wardrobe.

I just finished up Stranger Things 2 (no spoilers, I promise) and I thought Millie was fantastic once again. But if Hollywood really wants to revive the Narnia franchise, they should cast the dude who played Will. He was awesome.

The goal with Silver Chair is to revive the Narnia franchise, which seems like a dumb idea based on how the last two movies performed at the box office. Both came in way under their production budget because we were only forced to read the first book in the series at school, not the others.

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