Teacher Creates a Lovely Candlelight Tableau for Student She Was Molesting

You know, one thing about female sexual predators is that they make things nice and romantic for the people they’re taking advantage of. Take, for example, Hunter Day, an Oklahoma schoolteacher who lit candles, turned down the lights and got in a sexy pose when she was expecting her 16 year old student to come and have sex with her. Of course, it was actually the police who showed up at her door, which just made all her hard work incriminating.

Apparently, the student’s parents found text messages between the student and teacher on his phone and sexy pictures of the married teacher. So the police texted her using his phone to arrange a meeting to have sex.

“This is a classic case of a serious breach of public trust. School teachers are entrusted to protect and educate our children, not to engage in an unlawful sexual relationship with them,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

You might be thinking “well, she’s 22, he’s 16, they’re pretty close in age and 16 is the consent in Oklahoma, what’s the big deal?” You have a point, person I made up for illustrative purposes. They’re closer in age than I am with my girlfriend (though we’re both older than either of them), for example. But she’s his teacher, and that’s the problem. Oklahoma’s age of consent law has an exception which makes it illegal for school teachers to have sex with anyone under the age of 20 who attends the school system at which they are employed.

Basically, high school teachers are supposed to be there to teach, not cruise the halls for a date to Homecoming.

I mean, it’s really just Bad Luck Day that she worked in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, when a teacher has sex with a 16 year old student, they get charged with second-degree rape, facilitating sexual contact with a minor and possession of child pornography. In France, when a teacher has sex with a 16 year old student, instead of going to jail, they just make her First Lady.

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Perry de Havilland
6 years ago

What is it with kids these days? When I was 16, I would have kept my mouth shut and gone to great lengths to ensure nothing got in the way of getting bonked by a fit looking 22 year old