Sarah Hyland Comes Out as Bisexual…On ‘Modern Family’

For those of you who have stuck with Modern Family all these years, congratulations. You’ve wasted these years without realizing that Sarah Hyland’s character Hayley is bisexual. Now you have to go back and watch every episode to see if you can pick up on this or if Hyland is just bored on Twitter.

The writers are going to agree with Hyland because she’s just given them an entire season’s worth of material by outing her character. But come on, the writers didn’t write her character to be bisexual. I’ve watched the show since the pilot. The character development isn’t that good that and the writers aren’t that subtle. Seriously, there’s nothing subtle about the show, they smack you in the face with everything.

Hayley has had a new boyfriend each season with no hint of being into a woman, unless that woman can help her advance her career or she likes their makeup. If she were bisexual, we’d have an entire episode dedicated to her and her uncle Mitchell having a talk about “feelings of attraction towards the same sex” by now. That talk hasn’t happened, therefore, her character isn’t bisexual.

I see what Hyland is doing. Her character has been reduced to cheap laughs about how lazy she is for at least three seasons now. She’s tired of it and wants a bigger role on the show. So, she announces that her character is bisexual and puts the pressure on the writers. Either they write her as bisexual or they look like assholes for denying Hyland’s claim. Otherwise, why say, “I don’t know what the writers would say, but I say she is.” They’re writing the character, wouldn’t they know better than her?

This a veteran move by Hyland and I respect her for pulling it. Can’t wait to see her make out with other girls on screen as the writers smack us in the face with her newfound sexuality.

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