Steven Seagal Turned Portia de Rossi Into A Lesbian By Exposing Himself

Portia de Rossi put her new 280 Twitter character limit to use on Wednesday when she tweeted about an uncomfortable experience with actor Steven Seagal.

Maybe he was testing her to see if she would say anything about his fly being down during their meeting?

Based on Vulture’s story and de Rossi’s tweet, it sure sounds Seagal had a reputation around Hollywood and that casting agents knew about it. Julianna Margulies and Lisa Guerrero have come forward to say that Seagal invited both of them, along with a female casting agent, to spend the night with him.

This isn’t new information against Seagal. Jenny McCarthy accused him of sexual harassment back in 1998 while casting for Under Siege 2. Could you imagine if social media was a thing back when Jenny McCarthy was at her peak? I’m shocked she’s only spoken out against Seagal because I bet she was harassed all the time.

Seagal was also sued by an assistant for sexual harassment and sex trafficking. Those charges were dropped, likely after the person was paid off.

You know de Rossi is telling the truth in this case because of the outlet she used. Alright, plenty of accusers have used Twitter to tell their story, but de Rossi has only sent two other tweets this year. Both included pictures. Do you know how much restraint it takes and how impactful you can be if you only send three tweets a year? I’ve sent three tweets while writing this story. De Rossi is a boss.

I don’t know what happened to her agent who basically set her up on a creepy date, but I hope de Rossi fired him/her right there. Then, I hope she sent him/her a picture of her wedding to Ellen DeGeneres with the caption, “Steven Seagal was not my type.”

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