Still, Nobody Knows Who Rita Ora Is

Rita Ora has spent her entire career trying to get name recognition or even get a single in the top 10 without having to be a feature. Turns out, she’s still trying to do that.

A few days ago, Ora made a cameo onĀ The Voice in Germany as part of a blind audition bit where celebrities crash auditions. Things got super awkward when not one judge recognized her. After performing her single “Your Song”, the judges asked who she was. Ora told them she was a “26-year-old aspiring musician from London.”

The judges told her she sounded “almost like the original” and asked if she was a double for the real Rita Ora. Before things got even more awkward, Rita had to convince them she was the real Rita Ora.

I would say Rita Ora died a little bit inside that day, but I assume this happens pretty often so she’s probably all the way dead inside already.

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