Meet Tala K. Monroe, A Nurse and Instagram Model Who Doesn’t Want to Date You

Tala K. Monroe is an Instagram model, but she has a real job of being a full-time nurse. Please, Tala, keep being a nurse. Nurses are important. Instagram models are also important, at least to my career, but there are a million hot Instagram models. There are not a million good nurses.

Anyway, Tala K. Monroe talked to FHM about staying in shape and looking good without Instagram filters.

Here’s what she had to say about being asked out at the gym:

“Personally, when I’m at the gym, I’m in my zone, so I tend to not focus on meeting men at the gym. That being said, if there were a perfect time to chat at the gym, I would prefer to be approached while I was stretching pre-workout as opposed to post work out.”

This is wrong. No girl wants to be bothered pre-workout. They are getting in the zone and don’t want to think about the guy they just rejected or the guy they’re about to go out on a date with while they’re working out. Plus, there’s that awkward thing of working out in front of the guy you just said yes/no to. Ask them out post-workout.

This is just Monroe’s way of saying, “Don’t ask me out at all at the gym.”

On being a nurse:

“I’m extremely passionate about my patients and providing excellent bed side care is key. I’ve been asked by patients why I’m a nurse and why I didn’t choose a more desirable or glamorous occupation. I simply respond to them by saying, ‘helping people is my passion.'”

Do patients really ask that? “Hey, you’re hot. Why are you a nurse?” Like there aren’t hot nurses in the world. I’d say nursing ranks pretty high on the hotness scale compared to other occupations.

Monroe also talked about the importance of working out and eating right. I know you’re not actually interested in that stuff, but if you are, here’s the full interview. Now, enjoy the pictures.

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