Taylor Swift Thinks Selena Gomez Can Do Better Than Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are forever ever ever getting back together. And Selena’s friends don’t like it, but they can’t outright say, “You’re being an idiot” without looking like assholes.

So, they’re being supportive but telling Selena to just be careful. It’s probably not a good thing when your friends treat your relationship like it’s a road trip. “I don’t like you driving five hours to an amusement park, but if you’re gonna do it, just make sure you’re careful. And bring your sunscreen because it’s supposed to be hot out.”

According to a source, Francia Raisa, who donated Gomez her kidney, is said to not be a fan of Bieber. If Gomez listens to anyone, shouldn’t it be the girl who donated her a kidney? She gave you an organ. If she says, “I don’t like the boy you’re dating.” You say, “Then I shall not date him” or have her give her the kidney back because she didn’t keep you alive for you to date Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift, the ultimate advice giver, believes that Gomez can do much better. I agree. Has she ever tried dating a stay-at-home writer? However, Swift does think Justin has grown up. Well, yeah. Physically. But probably not mentally.

Of course, Justin’s pastor would disagree with me. He’s credited the singer for working hard and finding his relationship with Jesus. Hey, just because you have a great relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great relationship with a pop star. Jesus loves unconditionally. Gomez once sang about being sick of that same old love.

I’m very excited for this to end poorly and for Selena’s friends to give her that “I told you so” speech. That’s the thing I’m most looking forward to in 2018. Yes, I know that’s a little sad. No, I don’t care.

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