Texas Hero Says ‘F**k Trump’, ‘F**k The County Sheriff’ and ‘F**k You’

Karen Forsenca, a Texas woman who had a bumper sticker that read “F**k Trump and f**k you for voting for him” is upping her game.

Following her bumper sticker going viral, she was arrested on fraud charges by Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls, a guy who definitely voted for Trump. He posted a picture of the bumper sticker and was looking for information on who owned the vehicle. So, he was definitely looking for something. The charges stemmed from a 2014 outstanding warrant. They likely would have been ignored if this sheriff didn’t vote for Trump and wasn’t butthurt that Forsenca said, “f**k you.”

Forsenca didn’t take too kindly to the arrest. She was released on bail and updated her bumper sticker to read “F**k Troy Nehls and f**k you for voting for him.”

This woman has the biggest balls of anyone on Earth. She not only went all out to voice her displeasure over Trump, she did the same thing against the county sheriff. I don’t think people realize how powerful bumper stickers can be, either. We see hundreds of bumper stickers every day and we remember all of them. You know that you come home and tell your significant other about a bumper sticker that you saw while stuck in traffic. If I saw a “F**k Trump and f**k you for voting for him” bumper sticker, I’d probably take a picture and post it to my Instagram, if I had an Instagram.

The next logical step for Forsenca is to run for sheriff of Bend county. Turn this into a real-life Walking Tall. Get The Rock on your side and bring your own form of law and justice to Bend county.

This is what I’m rooting for now. And if you’re not rooting for this, then f**k you for not voting for Karen Forsenca.

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