Victoria’s Secret Model Eats It at Their Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on Tuesday night. Like most men around the world, I watched for the music and the fashion. Not the women.

I was absolutely shocked that they aired Ming Xi’s fall. I had not heard about her falling – I try to avoid all fashion show spoilers – but I know that the show is taped a week prior. CBS could have easily cut out her fall, helping her save some face. Instead, we watched her fall on her face.

[Update: 11/30/17 11:09 a.m. better video below]

Shout out to Gizele Oliveira, who helped Xi to her feet and then let her continue her walk. Don’t ever tell me every model is catty. Gizele is a true angel.

Ming Xi didn’t try and hide her embarrassment after the taping. She took to Instagram and let everyone know that she fell.

That should have been the end of it. Just like when Ariana Grande got hit with a wing a few years ago. We heard about it after the taping, but never saw it on the show because CBS wasn’t about to embarrass Ariana Grande for being in the wrong spot.

Ming Xi is not Ariana Grande.

They not only showed her fall, they showed her exiting the stage in tears. That’s just harsh.

Fortunately, everyone was on Ming Xi’s side. She received support from everyone on Twitter, including Leslie Odom Jr., who was performing during her fall.

People were angry at CBS for leaving the fall in, but CBS was just trying to prove that these models are not perfect. They fall, they get up, they cry, and then they’re comforted by other very attractive women.

Here’s to you, Ming Xi.

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