Victoria’s Secret Models Are Too White to Rap the N-Word

The Victoria’s Secret models still aren’t perfect. After not editing out footage of Ming Xi falling during the show, proving that it’s more difficult to walk than you may think, now the angels are in trouble for singing.

In case you can’t quite make it out, the models are singing “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B. The line in question is “I don’t wanna choose / And I’m quick, cut a ni**a off, so don’t get comfortable.” It appears to be slightly edited, perhaps by Karlie Kloss, who initially posted the video.

Here’s the full blog, which starts at the time when the girls were singing “Bodak Yellow”.

As you can see, the two videos don’t quite match up.

Cardi B retweeted the following tweet about the incident:

Girls. You have one job. Walk and look pretty. How are you screwing it up this much?

It does sound like some girls self-edited, but I’m sure a few let it slip. It’s great that these girls are gorgeous because I don’t know how much they have going on upstairs. Even if it’s part of a song, you have to learn how to censor yourself. Unless you’re in the car, by yourself, or with black friends who have approved you to say the word in song form only, you can’t sing the word.

Now, the angels saying the word doesn’t mean they’re racist, so let’s not go crazy. It means they are shitty at censoring themselves and were way into the song.

All of learned these past two days is that the Victoria’s Secret fashion show should be canceled and they should stick to just being photographed. Nothing good happens on video.

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