Adorable Picture of Stoned Dog Storms the Internet

So, before I get into the story of this picture about how adorable this stoned dog looks, I need to mention that some things that are completely safe for humans are toxic to animals. Specifically, both chocolate and marijuana are very bad for dogs. Do not let your dog eat pot brownies and if he does, take him to the vet.

And actually, if you look at this adorable picture from Reddit, it’s clearly taken in the vet’s office. The original poster mentioned that the dog was not given the pot brownie intentionally and was immediately taken for medical care, which is good. Animals love to eat things they shouldn’t in general. One of my cats has pica so I’m constantly pulling plastic out of his mouth, which he reacts to basically the same way you’d expect an animal to react to having food taken away from him, so I get how this kind of thing can happen accidentally.

But look at how cute the puppy looks! Details are slim on the mystery hero pupper who brightened our days with his illegal smile, but the owner’s friend who posted the picture to Reddit says the dog made it through his ordeal and is currently healthy, so that’s good.

The dog’s owner and his friend couldn’t be reached for comment, but I have uncovered some footage of their trip home from the vet.

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5 years ago

The reddit poster that posted this photo is NOT friends with the owner. In fact they’ve never even met. This dog belongs to a friend of mine who has no idea who the vet tech is. She did not authorize this photo to be blasted all over the internet. It was accidental, this dog is a puppy still and of course did what puppies do best… eat things they’re not supposed to. I can gladly share though that she is 100% and back to her peppy little chihuahua self! I hope the person that did post this loses their job.… Read more »