Bullying Vicitim Keaton Jones’ Father is a White Supremacist Convict

Man, the Internet’s most famous bullying victim just keeps getting more interesting. Keaton Jones’ mother went on national TV to explain that she wasn’t really racist, so, you know, keep flying us to movie premieres and giving us money. Well, you know, aside from the Avengers premiere.

Keaton’s spot at that one is going to someone a little more deserving.

But we haven’t really heard about Keaton’s father. Buckle up, buckaroos, because this is a real doozy. Keaton’s father, Shawn White, is a white supremacist. TMZ found the details, which include some more “ironic” Facebook racism, like just posting a picture that says “Aryan Pride” and getting a tattoo reading “Pure Breed” on his chest.

So, does the fact that Keaton’s father is a racist criminal mean that Keaton is a bad kid? No, it doesn’t. If you were just automatically the same as your parents, Sophia Coppola would be able to act. But it does make his mother’s talk about how not-racist she is fall a little flat. If I was about to have sex with someone and they had a swastika tattoo, I would shut that s**t down and throw them out, not have two kids with them.

We don’t know for sure that Keaton is a little racist like his parents, and he’s only 12. If the rumors we’ve heard are wrong and Keaton wasn’t actually calling his classmates racial slurs, then bullying him because his parents are huge racists is probably just going to make him dig into their beliefs because he feels victimized.

On the other hand, we don’t need to reward him, either. Why is that we feel compelled to give these people VIP treatment and a bunch of money anyway? Sympathetic or not, how does giving one family all this stuff do anything to stop bullying in general? Are we going to send $60K and Avengers tickets to everyone who gets bullied?

Setting aside everything about Keaton’s family and whether he was bullied or smacked down for being terrible, there’s a larger issue here; not every bullying victim is a good, pure person. You can be both a victim and a bad person. When we’re moved by some viral video on social media like this, we should find a way to address the root cause of the problem, rather than just giving the person in the video a bunch of money, because in the end, they don’t always deserve it and it doesn’t do anything to solve the problem anyway.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
3 years ago

Maybe when/if this kid kills himself because it wasn’t enough that he got his ass kicked and/or made fun of at least that one time, now he’s got the whole fucking world (and his favorite superheroes) hating his guts for the simple act of being a backwoods kid*, people will learn to leave well enough fucking alone. *And spare me the “he was a racist to some other kid” bullshit. That line of tripe has been traced to one tweet from someone who is nowhere connected to the situation, and the school denied it. So as of this writing, if… Read more »

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