Cardi B Has A Sex Tape That She’s Likely Very Proud Of

Cardi B came into a lot of money this past year thanks to her hit song “Bodak Yellow.” And now, her past is about to haunt her.

Like any normal person, Cardi B has a sex tape. Don’t act like you don’t have one, loyal reader. Someone is threatening to release that sex tape, unless Cardi makes some money move in their direction. There’s a preview of said tape floating around the inter webs. It features Cardi twerking and playing with her ass.

Naturally, Cardi doesn’t give a f**k about this sex tape because she’s a boss, bitch.

Ya, it’s pretty tough to shame a former stripper who has no regrets about her past.

Honestly, she probably welcomes the sex tape. When has a sex tape ever ruined someone’s career? Pamela Anderson became a bigger star. Paris Hilton became a bigger star. Kim Kardashian became a bigger star. No one cares if celebrities have sex tapes because, as I mentioned, we have sex tapes. In fact, I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have a sex tape.

So, good luck getting money out of Cardi, anonymous sex tape peddler. Chances are she’ll pull a Sia and release the damn thing herself.

She says the following lines in “Bodak Yellow”:

My pussy feel like a lake
He wanna swim with his face
My pussy glitter as gold

This chick has too much confidence in her pussy to be afraid of a sex tape.

And let’s not forget about this lyric from “Motorsport”:

I turn Offset on
I told him the other day
Man, we should sell that porn

Yeah, you’re trying to shame the wrong person, dude. This tape is going to come out, she’s going to make a hit song based on it, and she’ll be a damn female hero for owning her past and remaining confident.

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