Chester Bennington Once Hog-Tied Himself and Jumped in a Pool to Kill Himself

The Chester Bennington story just gets sadder and sadder.

Nine months before his July suicide, Chester got drunk, hog-tied himself, and jumped into a pool. That’s called a suicide attempt, ladies and gentlemen. Fortunately, he had a change of heart and was able to break free before he drowned. Unfortunately, his heart changed against in July.

The L.A. County Coroner knew about this, but redacted it from the autopsy report. Talinda Bennington, Chester’s wife, asked for the information to be redacted. The Coroner initially rejected the proposal, but a lawyer argued “marital privilege.” That information was redacted, but the report does mention Chester getting drunk in 2006, leaving the house with a gun, and threatening suicide.

There was a debate in the Coroner’s office about whether “marital privilege” is a thing, but do they really want to get into it with a bunch of lawyers and a widow over information that ended up coming out anyway?

As we know by now, Chester had some serious issues. Depression is a real thing and it’s compounded by drugs and alcohol. Based on the hog-tying drowning attempt, he should have been under real care and watch. Honestly, he should have never been left by himself, especially when out on tour. Guys who want to end things, typically find a way to end things. I just hope the people around him took every precaution when it came to protecting him.

The report also says that Bennington had not used his antidepressants in a year. Yeah, something was seriously wrong with him. As someone on antidepressants, who also stopped using them for a long period of time, I can tell you that’s a recipe for disaster. I’m not shocked at all that Bennington tried to drown himself when he was drunk. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more suicide attempts that we just don’t know about.

Hug someone you love today.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
6 years ago

We’re still talking about this fucking loser???