Conor McGregor Wants a ‘Real Fight’ Next, Not Manny Pacquiao

Can we just get Conor McGregor back into the octagon? We need to watch him fight some real competition. Everyone wants a red panty night though, including Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao recently posted on Twitter:

Happy Thanksgiving @TheNotoriousMMA Stay fit my friend. #realboxingmatch #2018

Then he stirred the pot more when the question about if any actual fight discussions came up.

“Initially, but we have not yet had any follow-up conversations…If we can negotiate it, I have no problem. It is okay with both of us.”

Well, Conor McGregor has pumped the brakes on all this Pacquiao nonsense. TMZ caught up with him where he said he wanted a “true fight” next, clarifying he wanted a “real fight.” When the cameraman asks Conor if he wants Pacquiao, McGregor replied “MMA next.”

McGregor also rips WWE when he hops into his car and yells, “Fook WWE.”

Classic Conor. It’s gonna be funny when he comes back to UFC and gets beat.

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