Corey Feldman Named Hollywood’s Pedophiles on a Tape Locked in LAPD’s Vaults

Never doubt Corey Feldman.

Alright, it’s probably safe to doubt Corey Feldman when it comes to making movies and those such things, but never doubt Corey Feldman when it comes to telling the truth. At least don’t doubt him when it comes to telling the truth in matters involving sexual misconduct.

Feldman told the world that he was on record, naming names of the sexual predators in Hollywood way back in 1993. “I gave them names. They’re on record. They have all this information,” he told Matt Lauer on Today. I wonder if Matt Lauer was one of those names.

Bnd the whole world was like, “Shut up, Corey Feldman.” Now, it appears that those tapes do exist. The tapes were part of Michael Jackson’s sexual molestation investigation, which the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office just kind of forgot about because, shut up, Corey Feldman.

The Los Angeles Police Department now has the tapes and they’ll be listening to them, but can’t release further information because the original investigation involved underage children.

Who knows who Feldman names on the tapes, but if Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are named, we may as well worship at the alter of Feldman.

While this may vindicate Feldman and make him the hero we didn’t know we needed, he’s trying to use up his goodwill way too quickly. He’s attempting to raise $10 million to make a movie about sexual misconduct in Hollywood. First off, no one wants to watch that movie. Second, that movie has already been made. Except it was a television show turned into a movie and they called it Entourage.

And you don’t need $10 million to make this movie. Jordan Peele made Get Out on $5 million. You can make Hollywood: Sex, Lies, and Rape on whatever money you have left over from appearing on Celebrity Wife Swap. Quit being greedy. You’re still Corey Feldman.

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