Diddy Wants to Own Carolina Panthers Just to Sign Colin Kaepernick

The Carolina Panthers are up for sale. As a longtime Panthers fan who lives in North Carolina, I’m scraping up as much money as I can in order to make my bid. I’m up to about $53 right now.

Someone who has at least $53 million to spend is Diddy. And he wants to spend that money on the Panthers.

Alright, Diddy. I like you, but if you’re going to purchase the team, you need to realize it’s Carolina Panthers and not North Carolina Panthers. The whole motto of the team is “Two Carolinas, One Team.”

Then, promising to immediately sign Colin Kaepernick and put him in the running to be the starter under the false pretense of competition? Dude, we already have Cam Newton. Before Kaepernick ever decided to take a knee, Newton was by far the most controversial quarterback in the league for doing things like…dancing and smiling.

Diddy wouldn’t be creating competition, he’d be needlessly bringing about more controversy. But hey, at least we’d have dope halftime shows.

The Panthers were valued at $2.3 billion this past September by Forbes. Diddy is rich, but he’s not white people rich. He might be able to own part of the franchise, but he won’t have enough to become a majority owner.

Diddy could have some help, though.

I’m all for a Diddy/Curry/Kaepernick ownership group, but none of this happening. Diddy doesn’t have enough money, Curry can’t be in the NBA and own a NFL franchise, and Kaepernick definitely doesn’t have the money to make up the difference. Unless Diddy can get his rich friends on board (though he probably can), we’re gonna be stuck with lame halftime shows and no Super Bowls.

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