Model Elsa Hosk Heats Up the Holidays with Ass

Did you know that in Japan, Christmas Eve is considered a romantic holiday for lovers? It is a pretty romantic tableau, all told. It’s cold, so you have to bundle up and walk arm in arm, there are lights and decorations up, and the 23rd Of December is a national holiday, so young lovers probably don’t have any college classes left for the year, either.

In the UK, Love Magazine has been making the holiday season sexy with a smoldering hot advent calendar with videos of some of the world’s most beautiful women. Of course, the fact that advent ended on Christmas Day didn’t stop Love from uploading a video today featuring the gorgeous Swedish model Elsa Hosk, who thankfully doesn’t have her boobs made up to look like a reindeer.

Jesus, that’s some workout routine. Maybe the reason I’m not seeing results in my workout routine is I’m spending too much time doing push-ups and not enough time slapping my ass with white chalk. I mean, whatever it is Hosk is doing, it’s working. Let’s take a look at the results on her Instagram page.

Of course, Elsa is beautiful, but only the most perfect, stunning woman on the planet was suitable to model for the 25th day of the Love Advent calendar, a 10-minute profile of true perfection for us all on Christmas Day.

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