‘Hamilton’ Is on PornHub, In Case You Need a Break From Naked Boobs

If there’s one thing boring people would not shut up about last year, it was Hamilton. If you haven’t seen it, and unless you’re rich and well-connected you probably haven’t, it’s basically the Capitol Steps for normies, that is a musical that makes a lot references you wouldn’t get unless you follow politics really closely.

The politically charged Lin-Manuel Miranda musical about the Vice-President who was famously shot and killed in a duel with Aaron Burr was a bit of a focal point in last year’s election. Hillary Clinton quoted it in a cringeworthy moment during her acceptance speech for the nomination at the DNC, and then Donald Trump got his panties in a bunch when Mike Pence got booed at a performance.

But if you haven’t seen Hamilton and for some reason you want to, head on over to PornHub, because the first act of the hit Broadway musical is on the website, in the “PornHub Gay” section, under the title “revolutionary boys get dirty on american politics part 1” (link NSFW). Why is it tagged gay? I don’t know, it is a Broadway musical, though.

The tags under the video are kind of hilarious, too. The video clip is labeled as being in the categories “Euro, Latino, Fetish, Group, Gay, Public, Amateur, Rough Sex, Military, HD” and I guess a lot of those make sense, but I’m not sure how rough sex or amateur enter into the mix. Of course, I haven’t seen Hamilton, so I don’t know. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of people who aren’t as clever as they think they are sing about politics I’d listen to the Capitol Steps on NPR, but why would I ever do that to myself?

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. PornHub is apparently always having to take down videos from Game of Thrones, for example, though I’m pretty sure most of those are sex scenes. And just a few days ago Kumail Nanjiani tweeted that his film, The Big Sick, has been posted in the “interracial” section of PornHub, though I couldn’t find it when I was writing this article. I should go look around some more, maybe it’ll turn up.

This sort of thing isn’t really that surprising. A few months ago PornHub competitor xHamster, which is sort of positioning itself as the ‘woke’ porn site, because nothing gets dicks harder than lectures about social justice, offered to produce a third season of Sense8 after the Wachowskis’ show was cancelled by Netflix. And it wasn’t all that long ago, before movie rental chains and Netflix took over the segment, that local video stores rented both theatrical films and adult movies. It would make sense if porn sites gave people something to watch while they were wiping their keyboards clean.

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